12 Things You Should Address
Prior To Your Reglazing Appointment

Someone must be present upon our arrival. 
You or your authorized representative must be available upon our arrival to complete the paperwork/contract for your appointment. This person must be of legal age. 

Cleanliness is essential. The piece being reglazed should be thoroughly cleaned prior to your appointment. Attention should be paid to the removal of any soap scum, construction debris, dirt, oils, or other build-up on the piece. If our technician is required to remove any of the listed items from the piece prior to service, a $45.00 cleaning charge will apply. 

Running water is a must. We must have running water available in the room. Preferably, this would include water at the piece itself, although we can use a sink or other water source in the same room, if necessary. Please inform us of any unique situation you may have prior to our arrival so that we may plan accordingly. 

No drips, please. In order to avoid damage to the reglazed surface during the forty-eight hour drying period, it is imperative that there is no dripping water coming from shower heads, faucets, or other plumbing parts. 

Finish other projects first. If you have other work currently being done in your home that produces dust or dirt in the air, these projects should be completed prior to reglazing. This includes drywall work, sanding of any type, etc. 

Replace old plumbing parts and fixtures. If you plan to replace old plumbing parts or fixtures, this should be done prior to service. We do not remove these items from the piece during service, and therefore, if these parts are replaced after the piece has been reglazed, the old surface may still be visible if the new fixtures or parts do not match up to the old ones. 

We do not re-caulk. After the forty-eight hour drying period has passed, you will need to re-caulk the reglazed piece as instructed by our technician. You must use only LATEX caulk. 

We must have a drain. As part of our prepping process, we will be washing down the piece and we must be able to drain the water used. As such, the drain should be installed and operational. If you are planning on replacing the drain, remove the old drain and finger-tight the new one in with plumber's putty. This will allow us to use the drain as needed and then remove it before applying our coating. After the piece is reglazed, you can then install the new drain permanently. 

Shower doors/shower curtain/personal items must be removed. If you have shower doors on a bathtub or wall tile that is to be reglazed, the shower doors and the track or shower curtain must be removed prior to service. If you cannot remove the track itself, the doors must be lifted out of the track and set to the side during service. If the track is not removed, we cannot reglaze the area under the track. We ask that you also remove your personal items from the area prior to our arrival to allow full access to the pieces being reglazed. 

Please give us notice! In order to ensure schedule availability to all our customers, and to guarantee work is completed in a timely manner, any cancellation/rescheduling requests should be made no less than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled service date. There is a charge of $50.00 per half-day appointment that is not cancelled/rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Additionally, if we arrive at the service address and are unable to complete the work as scheduled for any reason, the $50.00 per half-day charge will be applied. This includes, but is not limited to work being completed by other contractors, dripping water, inaccessible or inoperative plumbing or cleanliness. 

Accepted forms of payment: We currently accept personal checks or cash as payment for all jobs. Full payment is due to our technician upon completion of the service. 



Important Information Regarding All Tile Work

Please note that the information provided on this page is intended to be a general guide for all customers considering having tile reglazed. Additional information pertaining to your specific job will be provided if a Proposal is requested. To save your time and ours, please be sure to read all information before requesting a Proposal.

Reglazing is meant to change the color of tile that is otherwise in good condition. It is not to make a bad wall good. If you have loose tiles, crumbling tiles, severely broken tiles, decayed wallboard behind the tile, or tile that is otherwise in disrepair, reglazing is probably not for you. We suggest contacting a general contractor or tile setter to assess the work that needs to be done to repair the above problems. 

If your only concern with your wall tile is yellowed or stained grout, it is not necessary to reglaze. Re-grouting the tile will take care of yellowed, stained or otherwise unsightly grout. 
See the last item on this page for our contractor recommendation. 

Once again ... If any of the following conditions apply to you, we are not the company to contact. Reglazing will not fix: 

  • Crumbling tiles.
  • Severely broken tiles.
  • Decayed wallboard behind the tile.
  • Tile in otherwise good condition except for stained or discolored grout. 

Reglazing is done with the grout "as is". Grout replacement is not part of our tile reglazing services. All grout lines should be inspected by the customer and any missing grout should be replaced prior to service. We recommend using smooth grout as opposed to sanded grout, as smooth grout results in a better finish. Do not use caulk to fill grout lines as our coating is not designed to adhere to caulk. 

Again, prior to ALL tile jobs: 

  • Tile should be completely re-grouted. 
  • All missing grout should be replaced. 
  • Tile should be inspected for cracks, breaks, etc. Minor problems can be corrected during our reglazing process.

Contact a reputable contractor for your cleaning, sealing, re-grouting, or tile setting work. We cannot be responsible for shoddy workmanship done by another contractor. We strongly recommend contacting a reputable grout or tile setting company to perform all work needed prior to our services. Check the Better Business Bureau and ask for references for any company you are considering. A little legwork now to find the right contractor will save you time and money down the road.