Did You Know....

The idea for this page came about when we felt the need to share some of the questionable, sometimes suspicious, and even humorous information we have come upon in our years of serving our customers. Some of the items on this page have to do with our local competitors, and some are just interesting tidbits we have heard over the years.

All of the information contained here is true and can be verified if you are willing to do a little legwork.

Ohio law limits a "Lifetime Warranty" to seven (7) years. It sounds good, but how long is it really good for? If you are offered a "Lifetime Warranty" have the dealer list the number of years it is good for on your contract.

It is common for unscrupulous companies to change their names phone number, etc. to avoid honoring warranties or having a bad reputation follow them. A recent survey of local reglazing companies produced the following interesting facts:

Six of them are doing business under several different names or have changed their business name several times. One company is currently operating under four different names.

Ten of them did not answer their phones when contacted. All calls were made during regular weekday business hours.

Four of them did not respond to our message the same day, and half of these did not return the call at all.

One of them seemed confused about which company he was answering the phone for and initially denied he had several different company names. Once it was pointed out to him that we had figured this out and found it strange, he admitted to owning the other companies.

Are these companies trying to avoid unhappy past customers or looking to escape their warranties? We can’t say. What we can tell you is that an honest company does not feel the need to hide behind misleading information. You can always find out about a company’s track record with past customers by contacting the Better Business Bureau and/or asking for references.

We recently found this statement in a local liner installation company’s newspaper ad:

"Refinishing may look fine for a while, but such finishes are fragile and tend to chip and craze (crack) within a year or two."

Had they done sufficient research, they would have found that this statement has no factual bearing. A bathtub reglazed by us will last ten years or more. If the finish were truly fragile and prone to chipping and crazing, we could not guarantee it for a full seven years as we do.

Some competitors will say anything to get your business. 

Our reputation for quality, long-lasting finishes speaks for itself.