Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?

We serve all residential and commercial customers in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. For locations outside our service area, please call for appropriate travel charge information.

What type of coating do you use? 

All coatings are not the same! In fact, there are many types of coatings available in the reglazing industry, and as in any trade, some of them are better than others. Please read on for more information about our patented coating. You can also get more detailed information on why our coating is different by going to the What Makes Us Better page.

How durable is a refinished surface? 

The durability of a reglazed surface depends on two things:

  1. How the surface is prepped prior to reglazing. We have developed a unique prepping process that involves sanding, acid etching, and bonding agent and primer applications. Many companies do not go to the lengths we do to prep the surface prior to applying their coating. Proper prepping is essential. 
  2. The type of coating used. We use a three-part aliphatic poly-glass urethane coating. This is the highest-quality coating available for use in the reglazing industry. It has been specifically formulated for use on bathtubs, sinks, tile, etc. Many of the products used by our competitors, such as epoxies and auto paints, have not been specifically designed for reglazing use, and simply do not hold up as well or last as long as our coating. You can find more information on our coating on the What Makes Us Better page.

I spoke to another company and was told they use "synthetic porcelain". Another told me all companies (except his, of course) use "paint" that is not made for bathtubs. What are these companies talking about? 

As for "synthetic porcelain", this is a play on words. There is really no such thing as "synthetic porcelain." Most companies that use this term add a small quantity of glass to their reglazing coating prior to application. This allows them to technically call it "synthetic porcelain." The addition of this glass does not add extra strength or durability to the finish. 

As for using real porcelain, this is not possible in your home. Porcelain is a powder that is sprayed on the cast iron or sheet metal bathtub shell and fired at 1800 degrees in a kiln. 

As far as refinishing companies using "paint", obviously any colored liquid applied to a surface can be described as "paint". Common sense will also tell you that the company that tells its callers this would be the only reglazing company still in business were its claims actually true. While all companies use a colored liquid, call it a "paint" or what you wish, it is the type of coating that is important. Unfortunately, it is true that some companies use products that were not specifically designed for use on bathtubs, sinks, etc. We use only the best coating available in the reglazing industry...a three-part aliphatic poly-glass urethane. You can read more about our coating under "What Type of Coating Do You Use?" above. But remember, the type of coating used is only part of the equation in a good reglazing job. Even the best product will fail if the surface is not adequately prepped. Read more about our prepping process above under, "How Durable is a Refinished Surface?" or see our process one step at a time by going to the Step-By-Step Process page.

How long does this process take and how long do I have to wait before I can use my fixtures again? 

Most reglazing jobs average about three to six hours depending on the item being reglazed and the condition it is in. As a general rule, our coating requires a forty-eight hour drying time. High humidity or a cold room temperature can slow this process down so we ask you to keep the room at normal room temperature (approx. 72 degrees) until the surface is completely dry.

How long will my new surface last? 

With proper care and cleaning, the coating should easily last ten years or more.

Will it look like my refinished piece has been painted? 

Absolutely not! If the original surface of your bathtub is in good condition, the application of our product will result in a finish that mirrors the sheen and finish of a new bathtub.

Will you have to remove my fixtures, drain, etc.? 

If you are planning to replace old hardware and/or fixtures, or if you think you may have plumbing problems that would necessitate the removal of these items, you should take care of this prior to reglazing. The only fixture we remove is the trip-lever assembly. This is done so we can have access to as much of the bathtub as possible. This piece can be easily reinstalled after the surface is completely dry. We must have all drains and faucets intact and operating properly as they are used during our prepping process. All faucets, hardware, drain, etc. are masked off with paper and tape to prevent overspray.

I have shower doors on my bathtub. Do these need to be removed prior to reglazing? 

Yes, you will need to remove your shower doors and the track assembly from the bathtub prior to reglazing. This allows us full access to the area around and underneath the shower doors. The doors can be reinstalled after the bathtub has been allowed to dry for forty-eight hours. If it is not possible to remove the track assembly, we can work around it, but this is not the preferred method and we cannot guarantee the area the track sits on unless it is removed.

Can you repair rusted or damaged areas? 

Rust can be caused by several things including old plumbing, hard water, and exposed cast iron or sheet metal where pieces of the porcelain have been chipped or scratched away. We will remove as much rust as possible; however, if the above situations apply to your job, we may not be able to guarantee that the rust will not reappear. This determination can be made by our technician prior to starting your job.

If I am having wall tile reglazed, will the coating fill in missing grout lines or fix broken or loose tiles? 

If you have any missing grout lines or if you have broken or missing tiles they should be corrected prior to reglazing. During your estimate, our technician will point out problem areas and advise you what needs to be done prior to our service. If you would like, we can even refer you to a reputable contractor who can correct the problems for you.

If I am having other remodeling/renovation done, should I do this before or after the reglazing? 

As a general rule, all other work should be completed prior to reglazing. If you will be replacing hardware, fixtures, plumbing, wall tile or wall surround units or floor tile, these must be done prior to our arrival. The bathroom must also be as dust-free as possible to ensure no dust lands on the freshly reglazed surface as it is drying. If you are planning to paint your bathroom walls, we advise waiting until after the reglazing work has been completed before doing so. This is due to the fact that the masking tape used to mask off the area around the bathtub, etc. is very sticky, and has been known to pull fresh paint off of the walls.

The house is currently vacant. Do you need water?...electric?...heat? 

Yes, yes, and yes! We need running water to rinse down cleaners and acid-etching solution, we need electric for the operation of our equipment, and the heat needs to be turned on in the colder months to ensure proper drying. A temperature of about 72 degrees should be maintained in the project area during the forty-eight hour drying period to ensure the coating dries properly.

I have new tile on my walls and floors. Will they be protected from over-spray while you are reglazing my bathtub? 

Yes, all areas around your bathtub are masked off to protect against over-spray. The type of coating application system we use allows us to control the spray and keep it within six inches of the bathtub. Masking paper and tape are used to mask off all areas within one foot of the bathtub.

Can I change the color of my old fixtures? 

Yes! We can match any color you desire. Colors can be matched to any paint manufacturer's color swatch. If you can supply a color sample, we can match it!

How much will this cost me? 

Reglazing averages 300% to 600% less than the cost of replacement. As an added bonus, updating your old fixtures can greatly increase the value of your home. Most pricing can be given over the phone. More detailed work will be priced after you have met with our service technician.

Can you reglaze other fixtures besides bathtubs? 

In addition to bathtubs, we reglaze bathroom and kitchen wall tile, sinks, fiberglass wall units and shower basins. We also offer restoration services on claw foot bathtubs, toilets, and other antique porcelain pieces in your home and in our shop.

How do I care for my reglazed surface? 

You will receive detailed "After-Care" instructions on how to care for your new surface. You should use only non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaners and a soft cloth to clean the surface. Never use any type of "spray on, leave on" products as these can react with the surface and damage it.

Do I have to leave the house while you are working? 

No. In fact, we like to have the homeowner present so we can address any problems, should they occur as the job progresses. As some of the chemicals used in our prepping process can be hazardous, our technicians wear protective respiratory equipment. As a precaution, we recommend people with breathing problems, pregnant women, children, and animals stay out of the general area when the work is being done or move outside if they feel they may be bothered by these chemicals.

Do you offer a non-slip coating? What about using a bathmat?

We do not offer any type of non-slip coating. We have found that these coatings trap all dirt and soap scum as it is carried by the water moving toward your drain. This results in a dull, hard to clean surface. We recommend using a bathmat that has ridges on the bottom. Never use a bathmat with suction cups as it can damage the surface when it is repeatedly removed for cleaning.

Do you offer free estimates? 

Of course! Although most pricing information can be given to you over the telephone, larger jobs may require an in-home estimate. Our technician will meet with you to discuss your plans and gather all necessary information for your project. This information is called into the office and you receive a written estimate before our technician leaves your home.

Do I receive a warranty, and if so, what does it cover? 

All residential reglazing work comes with a 7-year written warranty. All commercial or rental property work comes with a 2-year written warranty. Our non-pro-rated warranty offers the most complete coverage in the reglazing industry. You are protected against peeling, flaking, cracking, bubbling, and yellowing for the entire length of your warranty period.

What is the process you use to apply your coating? 

Click here to see our process, Step-By-Step!

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment? 

Click here for information on what you need to do to, Before Your Appointment.


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