Our Reglazing Process - Step-By-Step

NOTE: Some steps have been omitted to ensure the protection of proprietary company information.

  1. All caulk is removed from the edges of the fixture.
  2. If the surface has been previously reglazed, the old coating is removed with a special stripper.
  3. All surfaces are hand-sanded. This step will aid in the adhesion process by etching the surface in preparation for our coating.
  4. The entire surface is acid-etched. This acid is designed to remove the glossy layer of the original surface and to make the surface porous. This step is essential in order to ensure the surface is ready to properly receive the reglazing coating. In addition, the acid will remove any surface stains, soap film, dirt, mildew, etc. to ensure we have a clean surface.
  5. The surface is washed down to thoroughly remove the acid and any other matter that might still be on the surface. The surface is now completely clean and free of any foreign matter.
  6. Any repairs that need to be made are done at this time. This includes the repair of minor nicks, chips and scratches that may be on the surface. More extensive repair work can also be made if needed.
  7. All areas near the fixture are then masked off using masking paper and tape to protect against over spray.
  8. A chemical bonding agent is applied. This final coating applied before the topcoats is designed to ensure maximum adhesion between our coating and the original surface.
  9. After the chemical bonding agent dries, five to seven layers of topcoat are applied in the color of your choice.

Our coating is a three-part, high-gloss aliphatic poly-glass urethane enamel and has been designed with several things in mind: 

  • It has been manufactured to be durable enough to resist abuse from things like shampoo bottles, razors, and children’s toys. 
  • It maintains the flexibility required to contract and expand with added weight and constant water temperature and humidity changes. 
  • It contains a catalyst designed to stop the drying process at just the right point. This will prevent the coating from becoming brittle and prevent it from cracking. 
  • Since our coating is not an auto paint or epoxy, and was specifically designed for reglazing use, it will retain its color and shine better than some of the products used by our competitors.