Lead Poisoning .... Are You At Risk?

In an October 2013 Dallas Morning News article, many people were again reminded that their bathtubs may be one of the leading sources of lead exposure for children. Manufactures continued to use poisonous substances in the manufacturing of bathtubs as late as 1995. Unfortunately, many of these bathtubs are still out there, installed in our homes, and parents are unwittingly exposing their children to lead each and every time they put them in the bathtub. The danger comes in the fact that the lead is leached out of the porcelain and is introduced into the bath water. When a child gets this water into their mouth by sucking on a washrag, placing their mouth on the edge of the bathtub, or simply by splashing, the contaminated water is ingested." Learn More...

In another article Claud Linges, President of American Lead Consultants, said," We find lead in tubs 50% of the time, when inspecting older homes". This is why it is so very important to test your bathtub for lead. Small children are the most effected by lead exposure. Even in small amounts lead exposure can lead to nervous system and kidney damage, learning disabilities, poor muscle coordination, hearing damage, decreased muscle and bone growth, speech, language and behavior problems, anemia, and even death. In adults, lead can cause pregnancy problems including illness, harm to the fetus and fertility problems, high blood pressure, digestive problems, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, and memory and concentration problems.

There are only two solutions to this hazardous problem. The first is to remove the bathtub and replace it with a newer model. The second, more cost effective method is by refinishing the bathtub. By encapsulating the bathtub, you are eliminating the lead exposure. Bathtubs tested as much as eight years after refinishing have shown no traces of lead.

If you are thinking of purchasing an older claw footed bathtub, make sure you test it for lead before use. These bathtubs contain a great amount of lead in the porcelain and in the cast iron. Most claw footed bathtubs have also been painted on the exterior with old lead based paints. Children should never be exposed to these bathtubs unless the tub has been properly refinished by a professional.

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